What did you like least about this company

We apply for a new job for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we just want to earn more money, or change our routine, perhaps move to another place, meet new people, see new places. M

What did you like least about this company

We apply for a new job for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we just want to earn more money, or change our routine, perhaps move to another place, meet new people, see new places. More often than not, however, there is something we dislike about our present place of work. It can be something minor, but it can also be something big, the main reason why we consider leaving our present employer.

Hiring managers primarily try to understand the following two things:

  • Whether you wont dislike the same thing in their company.
  • If you do not want to leave your present job for some minor issue, something that shouldnt be a reason for leaving a job. Employees who leave for such reasons typically hop from one job to another. And nobody wants to hire such an employee. So be careful about your choice.

You should do a good research about your future place of work. Because while you do not have to say the entire true in the interviews, you can still make a mistake. For example, you can say that you are leaving because the job is too repetitive, and you do not feel challenged intellectually, while the same routine awaits you in the new position Needless to say, they would not hire you in that case.

Lets have a look at 7 sample answers to this tricky interview question. You will find some typical choices in our selection, but also some unorthodox answers. I also recommend you to check answers to all 15 most common interview questions.

7 sample answers to What do you dislike about your job interview question

  1. I dislike the authoritative leadership they have in place. Look, I have many good ideas, and I tried to move them forward, trying to help the company. But from my position I am not allowed to suggest any improvements. I am supposed to follow the orders of my superior, and thats it. I am looking forward for a place of work where they value creative thinking and where managers are receptive to the feedback from their subordinates This is not the case with my present employer.
  2. What I really dislike is that there is no room for growth in that company. Its a small business, and as an accountant I cannot really move up the career ladder. Surely, I learned a lot with them, and I also believe that I helped them to save a lot of money with my work. But I am getting older, and I believe that I should have a better job at the moment, perhaps a role of a financial manager, or leader of a team of accounts. Thats why I want to leave them, and apply for a job in your corporation, where I see more opportunities for career growth.
  3. Theres nothing I dislike about the job in particular. Its just that I feel I am not rewarded enough for the work I do for them. Surely, maybe they do not have the budget to pay me more, and thats fine. But I honestly believe that with my experience I should be earning more than 50K annually. I have a family, two small children, and a better salary is really needed with all the expenses we have right now.
  4. I dislike everything about my job in the publishing house. The rush, the deadlines, the climate in the office, the constant expectations to come up with a new story, something that will grab attention of the readers. I am just tired of this way of work, after long fifteen years in the business. Thats why I am sitting here in front of you, applying for a job for which I certainly look overqualified. But I have to change my career, and a simple manual work, in a calm place, is exactly the kind of job I am looking for right now.
  1. I do not dislike anything in particular, Id just love to move in a different direction in my programming career. You see, the company I work for designs games for gaming consoles, but Id like to focus more on artificial intelligence and robotics. You are one of the leading players in this field, at least in our state, and thats why I decided to try my luck with you. But I certainly cannot say anything bad about my present employerthey treat me well, and I like their company culture. Its just that I would like to work on different projects.
  2. Speaking honestly, I simply didnt fit well to the team in the workplace. They are mostly older people, they know each other for years, and I had a feeling that they considered me a competition, or even an enemy, because I tried to come up with some new ideas, and challenged the status quo in the company. I can clearly feel that since then the atmosphere in the workplace deteriorated, and my colleagues are sometimes purposely blocking me in my work. I tried to discuss things openly with them, but it didnt bring any results.
  3. Speaking frankly, I dislike my salary. Now, salary isnt the most important thing for me. But when you have a family, and bills to pay, items add up pretty quickly, and you easily end up with an empty bank account. I know that people with my job earn better, in many companies in this area. And I see no reason why I shouldnt earn more. I want to assure you that I discussed the issue with my manager. But they said that in the current state of economy they could not offer me anything better. So here I am, interviewing for the job with you, because your salary offer is much better.

Ensure them that you discussed the problem with your superiors

To dislike something is one thing, to leave the company without discussing the issue with your superiors another. Of course not everything can be changed, and it makes no sense to debate the company culture, or general leadership style, with your direct superior.

But if you dislike your salary, or a behavior of one of your colleagues, or perhaps the fact that they havent promoted you for years, you should ensure the interviewers that you discussed the issue with the responsible people from the company. You tried, but they didnt react positively, and thats the reason why you eventually decided to look for a new job. See sample answers no. 6 and no. 7 as a good illustration of this explanation.

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Feel free to dislike everything, if you opt for a career change

Career change is a big step, and if you decided to make it, you should have a good reason. Such a good reason can be a burnout, a complete loss of motivation, or the fact that you dislike absolutely everything about your present job.

When you are changing your career, you will typically earn much less in your new job, and you will have to learn a lot of things. Thats why it is crucial to present strong enough arguments in the interview, to backup your decision. Disliking everything is definitely a strong argument. See sample answer no. 4 as a good example of this situation.

At the end of the day, salary matters

Of course its nice to claim that salary is not the deciding factor for you, that you see a meaningful purpose in your job, and do not care whether you earn 20K or 100K annually. At the end of the day, however, you are neither a a hermit nor an outcast. You live in the society, and you have bills to pay each month, and perhaps also kids to feed.

Therefor it is all right to say that you dislike the salary in your present job, as long as you manage to communicate your message in the right way. You should say that you asked for a raise, but did not get it. And you should also have something to backup your claims.

For example the fact that people who have the same position earn much better in some other companies or that youve been earning the same amount for years, and never got a raise. See sample answers no. 3 and no. 7 as a good example of this attitude.

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