Loss of something

Britannica Dictionary definition of LOSS1a : failure to keep or to continue to have something usually + ofthe mayor's loss of support/influenceSurgeons were unable to control the

Loss of something

Britannica Dictionary definition of LOSS1a : failure to keep or to continue to have something  usually + of

  • the mayor's loss of support/influence
  • Surgeons were unable to control the loss of blood in the victim.
  • Symptoms include insomnia and loss of appetite.
  • Both accidents were attributed to the drivers' loss of control.
  • The recession has caused the loss of many jobs.
  • The accident caused enormous loss of life. [=many people died in the accident] usually + of
  • The victim died from a loss of blood to the brain.
  • There have been heavy job losses because of the recession. [=many people have been laid off]b [noncount] : the experience of having something taken from you or destroyed  usually + of
  • The storm caused widespread loss of electricity.
  • soldiers who have suffered the loss of a limb [=soldiers who have had an arm or leg destroyed or so badly injured that it had to be removed]2[count] : money that is spent and that is more than the amount earned or received
  • The company's losses for the year were higher than expected.
  • They took a loss on the deal. [=the deal cost them money; they lost money on the deal]
  • The business is operating at a loss. [=the business is spending more money than it is earning]
  • They sold the property at a (considerable) loss. [=for less than they paid for it] see also at a loss (below)3: failure to win a game, contest, etc.
  • A careless error resulted in the loss of the game.
  • The team suffered a 32 loss in the last game.
  • The team has an equal number of wins and losses.
  • the party's losses in the recent election4a : a decrease in something or in the amount of something
  • The plane experienced a loss of altitude.
  • We need to determine the loss in value due to the damage.
  • The new windows reduce heat loss by 15 percent.
  • Don't be concerned about the loss of a few pounds. You're still a healthy weight.
  • Side effects of the treatment include nausea and hair loss.b [singular] : a decrease in value by a specified amount
  • The stock market had a loss of four percent yesterday.5a : the death of a relative, friend, etc.  usually + of
  • She mourned the loss of her parents.
  • the loss of a dear friend to cancerb : the experience of having someone leave  usually + of
  • The company has had to deal with the loss [=departure] of several key employees.c : a feeling of sadness that you have when someone dies, leaves, etc.
  • Their deaths left everyone with a great/deep sense of loss.
  • The feeling of loss you experienced after your divorce is not uncommon.6[singular] : something that causes harm, sadness, etc., to a group or organization
  • Their deaths were a great loss to the community.
  • His retirement was a real loss to the company.7[singular] : something that is completely destroyed
  • After the flood, the crops were a total loss.
  • No one was injured in the accident, but the car was a complete loss.8losses [plural] : soldiers killed, wounded, or captured in battle
  • During the battle the allies suffered/sustained/took/experienced heavy losses.9[count] American football : the distance the ball is moved away from the goal during a play
  • There was a gain of five yards on first down, but a loss of three yards on second down.: not able to decide what should be done or said
  • I don't know what to do. I'm at a (complete) loss.
  • They were at a loss to explain [=they were unable to explain] why it took so long to correct the problem. see also loss 2 (above)

at a loss for wordschiefly US: unable to think of anything to say

  • I was so surprised to see her that I was at a loss for words. [=(chiefly Brit) lost for words]: to stop an activity, business, etc., that is failing in order to prevent more losses or damage
  • With the economy continuing to do poorly, many investors have decided to cut their losses and sell their stocks.

People say that something is your loss when you choose not to do something that they think would help you or that you would enjoy.

  • If she doesn't want to come to the party, it's her loss.

throw (someone) for a loss: to cause (someone) to be very amazed, confused, or shocked

  • Recent revelations have thrown me for a loss. [=(more commonly) for a loop]

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