How to review Formula Bar in Excel

Formula Bar in Excel (Table of Contents)What is Formula Bar in Excel?How to Use Formula Bar in Excel?How to Use Formula Bar Icons?How to Expand the Visibility of Formula Bar?How to

How to review Formula Bar in Excel
Formula bar example 1-3

Formula Bar in Excel (Table of Contents)

  • What is Formula Bar in Excel?
  • How to Use Formula Bar in Excel?
  • How to Use Formula Bar Icons?
  • How to Expand the Visibility of Formula Bar?
  • How to Protect the Formula from Unwanted Editing?

What is Formula Bar in Excel?

Formula Bar in Excel is a section where we can see values and formulas stored in it. The Formula generally is already seen below the menu bar. But if it is not there, then we can activate this from the View menu option under the Show section. It can also be activated from the Excel Options Advanced tab. Apart from showing the values and formula of any cell, Formula Bar also tells at which cell we have kept the cursor and the Insert Function option denoted by fx.

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The content of the current cell or where the selection is pointed will be visible in the formula bar. Visibility includes:

  • Current cell selection.
  • The formula applied in the active cell.
  • The range of cells selected in the excel.
Formula bar example 1-1

How to Use Formula Bar in Excel?

The formula bar can be used to edit the content of any cell and can be expanded to show multiple lines for the same formula. Lets understand the function with a few examples.You can download this Formula Bar Excel Template here Formula Bar Excel Template

Formula Bar in Excel Example #1

The formula applied for the total column is the sum of the amount and GST. The formula =D2+E2 is applied to the entire column. The formula applied within the formula bar is visible, and the corresponding cells are filed with the value after applying the formula.

Formula bar example 1-2

After applying the formula in the total column, the values are used to sum the Grand total. Now the formula bar is showing the current formula applied in cell E10. =SUM (F2: F9), the range of cells is represented within the formula.

SUM Formula example 1-3

Formula Bar in Excel  Example #2

From the options available in the menu bar, it is possible to hide the formula bar as per your need. From the view menu, you can customize the tools you want to display in the available interface.Popular Course in this category


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Go through the below steps to show or hide the formula bar within the excel sheet.

  • Click on the View menu.
  • Tick or untick the rectangle box given to enable or disable the formula bar.
  • According to your selection, the visibility will be set.
Formula bar example 1-4

How to Use Formula Bar Icons?

You can see some icons associated with the formula bar. It includes the icon next to the formula bar used for the following.

Formula bar example 1-5
  • ×  This icon is to cancel edits and partial entry of the formula in the current cell.
  • Helps to edit the data in the current cell without moving the active highlighted cell to another.
  • ƒx This is a shortcut to insert the different functions used in the calculations.

The below dialogue box will drop down the different functions available.

Insert Function Dialog Box

The same can be activated using the shortcuts as

  • Esc key  Remove the edits and a partial entry.
  • Enter key  Edit the data in the current cell without moving the active highlighted cell to another.
  • Shift + F3  To get the dialog box to insert the functions.

How to Expand the Visibility of Formula Bar?

By selecting the formula bar rather than the values, a formula will be displayed. While you are opening an excel sheet, the cells will show the values. But if you select a specific column, the formula applied to the cell will be shown in the formula bar.

If the formula bar is already expanded, then the Collapse Formula Bar option will be visible on the right click.

expand formula bar

When you use complex formulas and many entries, the expansion of the formula bar is allowed. By expanding the formula bar, the data is wrapped into more than one line. This helps you to edit the formula easily other than doing it within the corresponding cell.

  • By clicking the arrow at the end of the formula bar
  • By expanding the mouse pointer selection with the two-headed arrow
  • By right-clicking, the formula bar select the option from the drop menu

The alternate option is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U. If the same keys are press repeatedly, then the default size will be restored.

To wrap the complex formulas or data into multiple lines, then point your selection where you want to break your data or formula, press Alt + Enter. The data or formula will be moved to the next line in the formula bar.

How to Protect the Formula from Unwanted Editing?

You can protect the formulas that you have applied in different cells. There are chances to delete the formulas when multiple persons are handling the same excel sheet. Using some simple steps, you can protect your formulas from editing by unauthorized users.

The first step is to hide the cells or range of cells where the formula being applied.

  • Select the range of cells where you have already applied some formulas and want to hide. From the menu bar, click home and go to the format option to get a drop-down.
  • Select the Format Cells option from the dropbox
Format Cells example 1-7

A dialog box will appear to select the Protection tab. Select the hidden checkbox by enabling the tick mark Press OK to apply your selection and close the dialog box.

Protection tab example 1-8

The next stage is to enable the worksheet protection

  • From the same format option given in the home menu, click for the drop-down.
  • Go to the Protect Sheet option from the drop-down list
  • You will get a dialogue box that helps you to give protection to the selected cells
  • By checking the Protect worksheet and contents of the locked cell, the protection will be enabled
  • For protecting the cells with the password, you have the option to give a password
  • Once you want to unprotect the same selected cells, you can use the given password.
Formula bar example 1-9

After setting the protection, if you try to make any changes, you will get a warning message to use the password to make any changes.

Formula bar example 1-10

The same options are also available when you select the range of cells and right-click

Formula bar example 2-1

While selecting the format cells, you will get the same dialog box to hide the formulas. To protect the sheet, you can right-click on the sheet name and will get the same dialog box to protect the sheet.

Formula bar example 2-2

You will get a dialog box to set the password if you want to make the sheet password protected.

Formula bar example 2-3

By using the shortcut key F2, it is possible to edit the active cell. This is a default setting if you need to make any change to this.

Go to the File menu in the Option menu will get Advanced editing options to disable the Allow editing directly in the cell.

Allow editing directly in the cell

This will prevent unwanted editing of the inserted formula by mistake.

Things to Remember AboutFormula Bar in Excel

  • Since the formula bar is always pointing to the active cell while applying the formula, you should ensure the active cell is correct.
  • Better to use a formula bar for editing an applied formula. This will help you to manage the long formulas or data easily.
  • Apart from the menu bar, use the shortcuts and right-click the selection to make your work easy.
  • Ensure the formulas are protected from editing if you are sharing the excel document to multiple users. This will help to prevent data loss.

This is a guide to Formula Bar in Excel. Here we discuss how to use Formula Bar in Excel along with practical examples and a downloadable excel template. You can also go through our other suggested articles

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