How to convert decimal to percentage in Excel

QuestionAsked 24th Aug, 2019 Jan WulfLudwig-Maximilians-University of MunichHow do I convert procent in a decimal number (Excel)?Excel can't calculate with my FACS data (i.e. 36.7

How to convert decimal to percentage in Excel

QuestionAsked  24th Aug, 2019

Jan Wulf

Jan Wulf

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich

How do I convert procent in a decimal number (Excel)?Excel can't calculate with my FACS data (i.e. 36.7%), so I tried to convert the procents into decimal numbers. Since nothing changed after I tried to simply change the format of the cells to "decimal numbers", I tried to delete the "%" and than convert the cells into a decimal number. But somehow this does not work for some cells! after I used the replace-command to replace the "%" with nothing, some cells change their value to something else. Can someone tell me why and can someone tell me how I can change all cells at once from "36.7%" to "0.367"?Thanks in advance.Jan

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25th Aug, 2019Anton VrdoljakUniversity of MostarHi Jan Wulf,You have to define the format for your cells, and Excel automatically performs the calculation. Here are steps:Step 1Right-click the cell you wish to change, and select "Format Cells."Step 2Click the "Number" tab in the Format Cells window.Step 3Click "Number" in the category list.Step4Enter the number of decimal places you prefer next to the field labeled Decimal Places. This can be done by manually entering the number or by clicking the up/down arrows to change the default value of 2.Step 5Click "OK" to change the percent into a decimal.Kind regards, AntonCite1 Recommendation

26th Aug, 2019Raoof MostafazadehUniversity of Mohaghegh ArdabiliSimply, Divide by 1

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28th Aug, 2019Mohammad N. ElnesrKing Saud UniversityFrom the picture you posted, it appears that the numbers are formatted as text, this can be solved automatically by Excel using the upper left triangle that appears in the cell and click "Convert to number" (see the attached picture). You can select all the cells with the mistake and it will fix them all at once. If the triangle did not appear, then try to copy your numbers and Paste Values (from paste special, see picture 2). If not working, then you can convert all the numbers using a simple formula that uses the VALUE, LEFT, and LEN functions. If you can't do it, just drop the file here and we will do it for you.

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