How to calculate net profit in Excel

Formula to Calculate Net IncomeNet Income formula is used for the calculation of the net income of the Company. It is the most important number for the Company, analysts, investors

How to calculate net profit in Excel

Formula to Calculate Net Income

Net Income formula is used for the calculation of the net income of the Company. It is the most important number for the Company, analysts, investors, and shareholders of the Company as it measures the profit earned by the Company over a period of time.Net Income = Total Revenues  Total Expenses

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For eg:
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  • Net Income or Net profit is calculated so that investors can measure the amount by which the total revenue exceeds the total expenses of the Company.
  • Total revenue includes earnings from the sale of goods and services, interest income, and Income from the sale of the business or other Income.
  • Total expenses include the cost of goods and services sold, operating expenses like salaries and wages, office maintenance, utilities and depreciation, and amortization, interest incomeInterest IncomeInterest Income is the amount of revenue generated by interest-yielding investments like certificates of deposit, savings accounts, or other investments & it is reported in the Companys income statement. read more, and taxes.
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ExamplesYou can download this Net Income Formula Excel Template here Net Income Formula Excel Template

Example #1

Company ABC Inc. had revenue from the sale of $ 100,000 for the year 2017. It paid $ 20,000 as employee wages, $ 50,000 for raw materials and goods, $ 5,000 for other office and factory maintenance expenses. The Company had interest income of $ 3000 and paid $ 2500 in taxes. What is the net income of the Company ABC Inc.?

The Total revenue of the Company = Revenue from sale + Interest Income

  • Total revenue = 100000 + 3000 = 103,000

The Total expenses = Employee wages + raw materials + office and factory maintenance + interest income + taxes

  • Total expenses = 20000 + 50000 + 5000 + 3000 + 2500 = $ 80, 500

The Net Income = Total revenue  total expenses.

  • Net income = 103000  80500
  • Net income = $ 22,500

Example #2

Let us see the Profit and Loss statement of Apple and the net income reported by the Company.

Snapshots from the annual 10-K filing of the Company to SEC is as below. Calculation of net Income is done as the bottom lineBottom LineThe bottom line refers to the net earnings or profit a company generates from its business operations in a particular accounting period that appears at the end of the income statement. A company adopts strategies to reduce costs or raise income to improve its bottom line. read more of the profit and loss statement or the statement of operations. The net income of the Company is highlighted in yellow

Apple Net Income

source: Apple SEC filings

Net Income Calculator

You can use the following Net Income Calculator.Total RevenuesTotal ExpensesNet Income Formula
Net Income Formula =Total Revenues  Total Expenses0  0 =0

Relevance and Uses

  • Net Income is the most looked after the number in the financial statement of a CompanyFinancial Statement Of A CompanyFinancial statements are written reports prepared by a company's management to present the company's financial affairsover a givenperiod (quarter, six monthly or yearly). These statements, which include the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flows, and Shareholders Equity Statement, must be prepared in accordance with prescribed and standardized accounting standards to ensure uniformity in reporting at all more.
  • A lot of financial ratios are impacted by the net income number. Shareholders keenly follow this metric as the amount of dividend paid to the shareholders depends on the net income earned by the Company.
  • Although net income is an important metric in terms of profit earned by the Company is not the actual cash earned by the Company. The statement of operations or the profit and loss statement of the Company includes a lot of non-cash itemsNon-cash ItemsNon-cash expenses are those expenses recorded in the firm's income statement for the period under consideration; such costs are not paid or dealt with in cash by the firm. It involves expenses such as more such as depreciation and amortization. Thus, any change in the net income or the financial ratiosFinancial RatiosFinancial ratios are indications of a company's financial performance. There are several forms of financial ratios that indicate the company's results, financial risks, and operational efficiency, such as the liquidity ratio, asset turnover ratio, operating profitability ratios, business risk ratios, financial risk ratio, stability ratios, and so more, as such, should be properly analyzed.
  • Lower net income may be due to a lot of factors, including poor sales, poor management, high expenses, etc.
  • Net Income varies from Company to Company and industry to industry. It can vary due to the size of the Company and the industry in which it works. Some Companies have heavy asset business models; thus, the depreciation expenses will be high while others may have light asset models. Further, growth factors in industries, debt levels, government taxes affect the net income numbers of the Company.

Net Income Formula in Excel (with excel template)

Let us have a look at another example of Net Income and try to solve it in excel.

A Company XYZ has a total revenue of $ 500,000, and the Cost of goods sold by the CompanyCost Of Goods Sold By The CompanyThe Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is the cumulative total of direct costs incurred for the goods or services sold, including direct expenses like raw material, direct labour cost and other direct costs. However, it excludes all the indirect expenses incurred by the company. read more are $ 120,000. The Company paid salaries and wages to its employees to the tune of $ 30,000. It spent $ 20,000 on rent and other utilities. The Company records $ 15,000 as a depreciation expense. The Company also pays interest on the long-term debt of $ 10,000 and pays taxes of $ 20,000.

The calculation of Net Income can be done simply by subtracting all the expenses from the revenue. The calculation of net income is shown in the below template.

NI formula Excel 1

In the below given excel template, we used the Net Income formula to calculate Net Income.

NI Excel 1.2

The Net Income of the Company will be

Net income Excel 1.3

Net Income Formula Video

This has been a guide to Net Income Formula. Here we learn how to calculate net Income using its formula along with some practical examples. Here we also provide you with Net Income Calculator with a downloadable excel template. You can learn more about Excel Modeling from the following articles

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