How do you turn on formula suggestions in Excel for Mac?

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How do you turn on formula suggestions in Excel for Mac?
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Excel for Mac: Advanced Formulas and Functions (365/2019)

With Dennis Taylor            Liked by 295 users                 Duration: 2h 18m Skill level: Advanced            Released: 4/22/2021           Start my 1-month free trial Buy this course (937,000.00*)

Course details                 Looking to master all the formulas and functions available in Excel for Mac? In this comprehensive course, Dennis Taylor presents numerous Excel formulas and functions and shows how to use them efficiently. Dennis begins with tips and keyboard shortcuts to accelerate the way you work with formulas within one or multiple worksheets. He then covers how to perform logical tests with the IF, AND, OR, and NOT functions, search and retrieve data with lookup functions (VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX), analyze data with statistical functions, use text functions to clean up worksheets, work with array formulas and functions, and master date and time calculations. If youre looking to up your formulas and functions skills in Excel, join Dennis as he uses practical examples that transition effortlessly to real-world scenarios.  Show more Show less

Skills youll gain

  • Microsoft Excel

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Meet the instructor

Dennis Taylor

Excel author at LinkedIn Learning

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Kevin Everrett

4 Years Customer Service Experience                                                                                                              5/5                               June 21, 2022                              Absolutely   Helpful · Report


  • Introduction Introduction
  • Master the formulas and functions of Excel for Mac                      1m 6s
  • 1. Formula and Function Tools 1. Formula and Function Tools
  • Write formulas using a hierarchy of operators                      4m 19s
  • Save time with AutoSum, AutoCalc, and extended features                      4m 18s
  • Absolute, Relative, and Mixed references                      5m 57s
  • 2. IF and Related Functions 2. IF and Related Functions
  • Use relational operators and IF logical tests                      4m 48s
  • Create and expand nested IF functions                      4m
  • Create compound logical tests using AND and OR functions with IF                      6m 1s
  • 3. Lookup and Reference Functions 3. Lookup and Reference Functions
  • Look up information with VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and XLOOKUP (365)                      2m 20s
  • Find approximate matches with XLOOKUP and VLOOKUP (365)                      5m 9s
  • Find exact matches with XLOOKUP and VLOOKUP (365)                      3m 48s
  • Extended uses of XLOOKUP (365)                      4m 50s
  • Retrieve information by location with INDEX                      2m 30s
  • Identify the presence of data with MATCH and XMATCH (365)                      5m 38s
  • 4. Statistical Functions 4. Statistical Functions
  • Use MEDIAN for middle value, MODE for most frequent                      3m 40s
  • Tabulate blank cells with COUNTBLANK                      2m 46s
  • Use COUNT, COUNTA, and the status bar                      3m 9s
  • Tabulate with COUNTIF, SUMIF, and AVERAGEIF                      4m 57s
  • Tabulate with COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, and AVERAGEIFS                      4m 5s
  • 5. Math Functions 5. Math Functions
  • Decimal rounding with ROUND, ROUNDUP, and ROUNDDOWN                      5m 51s
  • Other rounding with MROUND, CEILING, and FLOOR                      4m
  • Generate random values with RAND, RANDBETWEEN, and RANDARRAY (365)                      5m 50s
  • Bypass errors and hidden data with AGGREGATE                      5m 5s
  • 6. Date and Time Functions 6. Date and Time Functions
  • Use dates and times in Excel formulas                      5m 9s
  • Use TODAY and NOW for dynamic date and time entry                      3m 51s
  • Identify the day of the week with WEEKDAY                      3m 38s
  • Working days with NETWORKDAYS and WORKDAY                      4m 39s
  • Tabulate date differences with DATEDIF                      4m 18s
  • 7. Text Functions 7. Text Functions
  • Locate data with FIND and SEARCH                      5m 36s
  • Extract specific data with LEFT, RIGHT, and MID                      2m 22s
  • Remove extra spaces with TRIM                      4m 29s
  • Use ampersand (&), CONCAT, and TEXTJOIN to combine cell data                      6m 4s
  • Adjust case within cells using the PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER                      3m 38s
  • Conclusion Conclusion
  • Continue your Excel journey                      23s

Whats included

  • Practice while you learn    1 exercise file
  • Learn on the go    Access on tablet and phone

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