How do I print table borders in Word?

Hiding Table Borders When Printing"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:Don't apply borders. You can still display table gridlines.------------------------------Irisheyes were not smiling w

How do I print table borders in Word?

Hiding Table Borders When Printing

"Suzanne S. Barnhill" wrote:

Don't apply borders. You can still display table gridlines.

Irisheyes were not smiling with that reply.

Thank you your reply Suzanne but that reply maybe useful if I hadn't already
started my Word document, but the fact being I had finished it and my
colleague asked me to remove the borders and after some searching through the
Word program I turned to this discussion group for help.

So with your brief and cold reply I went searching again through the Word
program tonight and found what I was looking for. So for the benefit of those
Word users who may at sometime want to know the route to remove table
borders, here goes.

In Word 2007, select "Page Layout", "Page Background" then "Page Borders"
which opens to "Borders and Shading". Select "Borders" tab and on the left is
a "Setting" list where you can chose your preference of border styles, the
first being "None".

For a display with no borders choose "None" and on the right side of the
page where it reads "apply to" select Table and click OK. The table borders
will disappear from your document.

I'm not sure but this route may apply to earlier versions of Word but I hope
it helps somebody else out there.

Irisheyes are smiling now.

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